One Hour Experience


These one-hour classes provide the average person an exposure to an ancient sport which they usually know little about.
By discussing several different types of birds–eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons–the student gains a new appreciation for the bird’s inherent abilities and the nature of predation. After discussing the birds, the hawks are flown free in the surrounding countryside. The hawks are flown to the fist several times while the steps of training a bird for falconry are discussed. Next, students have an opportunity to see how our trained Harris Hawks would actually hunt. By utilizing an artificial lure similar to the lure used at a Greyhound track, we are able to simulate an actual hunting scenario. As the lure speeds from its hiding place the hawk, which is sitting overhead waiting for some action, quickly takes off and aggressively pursues the lure until seized in her talons. The hour lesson concludes with each student having an opportunity to put on a leather glove and hold our trained Saker Falcon.


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