Our Falconers

Duane Zobrist

Duane Zobrist II_As the co-founder and first Executive Director, Duane Zobrist II, lead the battle to legalize falconry in West Virginia. He is emphatic about his belief that for falconry to grow, public education and support is vital. Mr. Zobrist, A master falconer has trained countless birds ranging from hawks and falcons to eagles and owls. While creating and enhancing and selling current programs takes up most of his time, he rarely misses the opportunity to get out in the field and do a little dirt hawking.

Mike O’Dell

Mike O’Dell became interested in Falconry as early as 1997 and once he found out how much fun it was, he became hooked. Mike got his Falconers license in 2001 once the state of West Virginia passed legislation to allow falconry as a sport. He enjoys the variety each day brings as he works with the birds and the hotel guests. He currently is the general manager/overseer responsible for training new staff, sponsoring new apprentice falconers, maintaining the inventory of birds and their health.

Cody Morgan

Cody is also a West Virginia Licensed Falconer and got his license in 2001. Cody owns a farm in the area and has been around animals a lot. When he had the chance to become a falconer he jumped at the change.