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About Our 1 Hour Falconry Experience

These one-hour classes provide the average person an exposure to an ancient sport which they usually know little about.
By discussing several different types of birds–eagles, owls, hawks, and falcons–the student gains a new appreciation for the bird’s inherent abilities and the nature of predation. After discussing the birds, the hawks are flown free in the surrounding countryside. The hawks are flown to the fist several times while the steps of training a bird for falconry are discussed. Next, students have an opportunity to see how our trained Harris Hawks would actually hunt. By utilizing an artificial lure similar to the lure used at a Greyhound track, we are able to simulate an actual hunting scenario. As the lure speeds from its hiding place the hawk, which is sitting overhead waiting for some action, quickly takes off and aggressively pursues the lure until seized in her talons. The hour lesson concludes with each student having an opportunity to put on a leather glove and hold our trained Saker Falcon.

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About Our Corporate Experiences

Offer your meeting guests a memorable and intimate insight into the lives of raptors. By spending an evening with these unique birds and The Falconry Foundation staff, your attendees will leave having experienced an unforgettable hour.

Do you want to create a memorable night for your employees or clients? Consider reserving the exceptional falconers and birds of The Falconry and Raptor Education Foundation.

During your cocktail hour, falconers and birds will mingle with guests, talk about the natural history of the birds, discuss the history of falconry and conduct a flying demonstration.


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Our Falconry Photos

Take a look at some of our great falconry photos- Come join us and take some of the most memorable photos you have ever shot.


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Meet Our Falconers

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What people say?

My husband and I did this last weekend. Deanna was our Master Falconer and she was a wealth of knowledge. The birds were beautiful and we had so much fun learning and seeing these amazing hunters in action. At the end we got to hold a falcon and take pictures. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

--Colorado Springs Guest

What people say?

We had the best time! We took my 11 year old, falcon loving daughter, for her birthday. From start to finish Katie was so professional and made the experience very interactive and fun. We learned SO much about the birds and got to get up close with so many which was really cool as well. 10/10 recommend! Looking forward to coming back for the intermediate course!

Greenbrier Guest

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